Roderic Gorney, M.D., Ph.D.

Roderic Gorney, M.D., is a professor of psychiatry at UCLA, a practicing psychiatrist-psychoanalyst, and a published author. He is also the founder/director of The Ashley Montagu Institute, a tax-exempt public charity whose mission is to disseminate, extend, and implement the life work of internationally revered anthropologist, Ashley Montagu, whom Dr. Gorney was a close associate for 35 years. The core of Montagu's contribution is the transfiguration of the concept of love from that of an emotion, passion, or sentiment to that of an action.

In his extensive writings love is understood as a deed, one that enhances the survival prospects and fulfillment of the beloved. In addition to writing books, Dr. Gorney has researched, lectured, teached, and published on numerous professional topics, nationally and internationally. His current research is a pilot survey of the role of touch in adult life, on which he will report in Montreal at ISST in May of 2004.


1. Adultactility: How sex, sex orientation, ethniaty, nationality, culture and personality affect need for, seeking for, and experience with touch in adult life? (Lecture)